For most businesses, international markets offer more significant growth opportunities. Working with knowledge experts makes the difficult job of going global more accessible and produces excellent results.

Having defined the goals and objectives of our clients, Vendor Junction conducts market research to determine the value proposition, sales channels, go-to-market and business development strategies. In addition, we deliver supply chain and channel sales partnerships for our clients in high GDP and emerging markets across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Our service promises Commercial Excellence and Technical Expertise to Enable New Sustainable Revenue Streams Delivering Growth within 6 Months or Less.

Global Growth Ecosystem & Operations System™ [GEOS]

Step 01

International Business Development

As technology becomes more prevalent across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and begins to modernise, there is a near-limitless number of opportunities for small and medium companies to take advantage of the gaps in products and services that this rapid growth creates.

For strategic and sustainable business opportunities in international markets, we believe in being able to quickly enter global markets and take advantage of opportunities as they arise for our clients.

Vendor Junction identifies these opportunities to expand in international markets by delivering increased revenue and diversification of profits for years to come. We implement the GEOSTM methodology for creating long-term value for our clients from International customers, markets and relationships.

Step 02

Channel Sales Ecosystem

Channel sales or selling through partners represent over 75% of world trade. As a result, companies can accelerate international sales and grow revenue by utilising the channel as a go-to-market strategy without adding to their direct headcount.

With Vendor Junction’s 780+ sales channel network of corporate entities, NGOs, senior government decision makers, specialised distributors, managed services providers, system integrators, value-added resellers, and big box retailers across industry verticals in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, we bring a deep understanding of local market dynamics and the knowledge base for building efficient supply chain and channel sales ecosystem for our client’s growth.

We implement the GEOSTM methodology for the channel sales ecosystem to best align the product value proposition and initiate the onboarding process for channel sales partnerships.

Step 03

Structured Sales Process

With the supply chain partnerships and sales channel ecosystem roll-out, Vendor Junction works closely with the appointed distributors and channel partners to document and implement the GEOS TM methodology for the structured sales process. With a qualified sales pipeline and reference site sales, Vendor Junction hands over the in-country business operations to the client for organic and sustainable growth after completing the 6-month deliverables.

Vendor Junction 6-Month Deliverables


In-Country Operations Management

International business presents significant opportunities for business growth through channel sales. However, for some companies without a local office and resources in the target market, it’s challenging to build relationships, gain brand mindshare, and manage the channel ecosystem to drive sustainable revenue growth.

Building an in-country infrastructure is a considerable financial commitment that our clients can sidestep completely with the Vendor Junction global infrastructure and resources already in place as its local representative office across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. We offer unparalleled cost-efficiency with infrastructure and qualified resources for in-country business operations management, which enables our clients to fast-track in establishing their presence in international markets.

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