Fast-Track International Sales Across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia with

Beyond Borders Accelerator Program

Beyond Borders Accelerator Program with funding grant is a Fast-Track for Startups, SMEs, Mid-Size Organizations and Companies seeking Pilot Markets to establish their brand and accelerate international sales across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

The program generates scalable and sustainable revenue for the growth and diversification of profits for years to come.

Middle East, Africa, and South Asia Market Size

(GDP in Purchasing Power Parity – MEA & South Asia)
Middle East Africa South Asia
$8,118 Billion $10,482 Billion $18,979 Billion
11 Countries 47 Countries 7 Countries

What Does Beyond Borders Accelerator Program Offer

Beyond Borders Accelerator Program is a Process-Oriented, Structured, Commercial Excellence and Technical Expertise Service (GEOS) designed to fast-track scalable and sustainable revenue for growth in international markets within 6 months or less.

A Collaboration and Learning Program for Business Internationalization

Beyond Borders Accelerator (BBA) is a structured collaboration and learning Program between the company and the BBA team to fast-track business internationalization.

At the end of this 6-month program, the company executives will be well-qualified with established in-country business partnerships and channel sales ecosystem and structured business processes to scale and sustain the in-country business for growth.

How Does the Beyond Borders Accelerator (BBA) Program Work

Beyond Borders Accelerator Program focuses in 3 areas to fast-track business internationalization in six months or less.

Global Growth Ecosystem & Operations System™ [GEOS]

Beyond Borders Accelerator (BBA) Program Delivery Structure

The BBA program-qualified companies collaborate and work closely with the BBA team in a 3 Step Process over six months program and includes,

  • Weekly company executives and BBA team online meetings for 6-month phased deliverables
  • Minimum 3 in-person meetings during BBA team scheduled visits to Finland over six months
  • Company executives planned in-country travel over six months with the BBA team for meetings and relationship building with customers and channel partners, partnership agreements, product/pilot launch, local media marketing activities and business operations management

Every company and its product portfolio are unique. BBA team develops a tailored plan for the GEOS deliverables. The table below illustrates a typical workflow over 6 months..

Participate in the
Beyond Borders Accelerator Program

Who Can Apply

Start-ups and small & medium-sized companies entering global markets. A company that is,

  • Aiming to scale up international business rapidly
  • Has a product ready for launch and commercialization
  • Seeking markets for product pilots and clinical trials
  • Has a dedicated team
  • Looking for investment to establish and grow sustainable new revenue streams from international markets
  • Start-Ups
    ready for Commercialization

  • SMEs planning for International Growth

  • Pilot Markets for Products & Services

Beyond Borders Accelerator Program Funding

Beyond Borders Accelerator Program does not take equity in the company, but the program is not for free.

However, companies can apply for funding grants to cover most of the participation costs for the 6-month GEOS services. The funding grant is not guaranteed and is subject to eligibility criteria and terms & conditions.

How to Apply

To qualify for the Beyond Borders Accelerator (BBA) program funding,

  • Companies can apply for the BBA program anytime during the year
  • Schedule an in-person meeting using the form below for BBA program acceptance
  • The accepted companies will be directed to the funding grant application process
  • For the companies to apply, the BBA team shall prepare and provide the required documents for the 6-month GEOS services

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